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Villa Grace creates world class gastronomic experiences for all occasions, from board meetings and staff parties to bridal showers and birthday parties.

We use only the best quality ingredients to create unique custom dishes that complement our clients’ visions, and our elaborate food presentation, elegant settings and proper etiquette are a direct representation of our exceptionally high standards and quality customer service.

plated service

Our plated service consists of pre portioned plates arranged in the kitchen and served by waiters. This type of service is most common for formal events such as weddings, conferences, sit down dinners and corporate dinners as it is usually the most expensive option. Menus are pre selected by the client at least two weeks before the event.


Our hors d’oeuvres often consist of bite size treats that are passed around by a waiter. Guests serve themselves with a cocktail napkin provided by the waiter. This style of service is perfect for both corporate and private upscale receptions, board meetings, bridal showers etc.

buffet service

Our buffet service consists of a pre selected menu by the client. The food is displayed on tables and guests often move along a buffet line and serve themselves. Our buffet service can consist of different stations, ie: salad bar, grill station, dessert bar etc. At an added cost, clients can request waiters to accompany guests to and from the buffet.

family style

Our family style service is the most relaxed service for a seated event. Serving platters and bowls are plated and set on the table by the servers. Guests then help themselves casually. Depending on the menu selected, a host is assigned to every table to carve meat if necessary. This style is more popular for intimate family functions such as birthday or holiday “sit downs”.

food design & display

All our catering services come with a mandatory design component. Plated dishes are pre drawn and designed by our Creative Director. Buffet Services, Family Style and Hors d’Oeuvres are designed based on client consultations, accommodating specific themes and concepts. Once a full consultation is complete; menus have been selected and concepts have been explored, our in house design team is fully responsible for bringing a clients vision to life.


Our bar set up consists of a mixologist often mixing cocktails from a pre set menu. Our very popular champagne cocktails are also available upon request and are often used for events with unlimited champagne cocktails through our dispensers.