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About Villa Grace

Villa Grace by Fred Apaloo is a Boutique Catering House located in Accra, Ghana. Led by CEO and Creative Director Fred Apaloo, Villa Grace has been crafting exquisite experiences and delivering unforgettable culinary memories since 2015.

Our vision is to inspire through our creations while creating a world class gastronomic experience, encompassing the finest quality of food and an unmatched personalized service for private and corporate clients. From board meetings and staff parties to bridal showers and birthday parties, we firmly believe that there should be no boundaries for when, where or for what occasion one must indulge in fine dining. 

We use only the best quality ingredients to create unique custom dishes that complement our clients’ visions and create memorable experiences. Our elaborate food presentation, elegant settings and proper etiquette are a direct representation of our exceptionally high standards and quality customer service. 

Our Core Values

Service Excellence